Key Takeways

Video Addendum


  • Create a new repl and copy of your lesson00 assignment. Are there parts of it that can be replaces with variables? Remember, variables should be used for things that may change in the future so try and think critically about what should and should not be a variable.
  • Solve the following problems on paper. Not Code
    Floyd is an aspiring music artist. He has a record contract that pays 
    him a base rate of $200 a month and an additional $12 for each album that 
    he sells. How much money does he make if he sells 12 albums?  100 albums?
    Wendy wants to make guacamole this weekend. The recipe indicates she needs
    3 avocados, half an onion, and 1 tomato to make 1 pint of guacamole. Avoc-
    ados are 7 for $5, onions are 75 cents each, and tomatoes are 2 for $1. 
    How much will making 1 quart of guacamole cost her? 1 gallon?
  • Create a new repl for each of the problems above and solve them using C++.
    • Be extra aware of the variable names and types you use.
    • Did your code produce the same answers?

End of Assignment Checklist

  • I finished all the assignments.
  • I shared my assignments with others.
  • I provided feedback for assignments of at least 2 others.
  • I addressed the feedback from others and thanked them for the review.